~ Mary Anderson ~
Music by Cleers
Art by Devon McFarland

Our next release in the Cleers single series is dedicated to notable
Birmingham figure and inventor of the windshield wiper, Mary Anderson!

Mary was an entrepreneur who thought of the idea for the windshield wiper on a visit to
New York in 1902. She was traveling aboard a trolly through the snowy streets, when she
saw that the driver had to repeatedly get out of the trolly to clear the wet, icy windshield. 
When she returned to Birmingham, she hired a designer to assist in the creation of a blade
that could clear the window and be controlled from inside the vehicle. Anderson sought and
received a patent for her invention in 1903.

Continuing in a vein of music which evokes the stories of curious explorers, Cleers recorded
a piece dedicated to Mary Anderson and her gift to travelers in all manner of vehicular craft.
In the first half of the piece, you may hear what it's like to drive without windshield wipers.
The second half of the piece is the sound of driving with windshield wipers. We present Cleers.
Seen Cleerly. Through a Cleer window. A window of Invisible Sound. Mary Anderson, thank you.

Listen to Mary Anderson Here