~ Pink Dust ~
Music by Cleers
Art by Devon McFarland

Introducing a new single series by Cleers!

Is there such a thing as an improv single? There is Now! 
Are experimental artists aware of what people call "the marketplace"?  Not really! 
From the mutant were-mind of Taylor Rouss comes a deep dive into supernatural free jazz.

"Pink Dust" is dedicated to Betty and Barney Hill, the first American couple to report being
abducted by aliens in September of 1961.  Betty and Barney were driving through the mountains
of New Hampshire when they saw a point of light which bounced around in the sky and eventually
approached their vehicle.  Several humanoid figures were seen in the windows of the craft which
resembled the shape of a giant pancake.  One figure communicated to Barney, telling him to
"stay where you are and keep looking."  The Hills quickly drove away but heard a rhythmic series of
buzzing or beeping sounds vibrating their car and sending tingling sensations through their bodies. 
They then experienced an altered state of consciousness and returned to awareness after having
traveled 35 miles. (there's a lot more details to this story which are worth looking up!)  After they
returned home from their encounter, Betty noticed her dress was torn and hung it in the closet. 
She later took it out to hang on her clothesline and discovered a pink powder on the dress which
blew away in the wind.

Listen to Pink Dust Here