Once Upon A Stormy Morn During the Feast of the Holy Wind......"A baby tornado done hatched out of that egg, Ma!" the little weasel said as the Mother Harmony girls warmed up for breakfast with a song about birds. "Yeah, sure is dark out for it bein mornin and everything," Big Fran observed. "Thats cause you've still got yer eyes closed sleepyhead!" screamed Crystal. "Y'all hush, I'm trying to add more glissandos to this dandelion soup," Leah pleaded. "You mean all we have to put in our soup is dandelions and glissandos again??!!?" exclaimed Claire. "Duh, we're pretty much living in the Depression right now...," said Dani, "besides...dandelion is detoxifying and makes your skin glow.....hey who's got my glockenspiel mallets?" "Glockenspiel schmockenspiel....who needs one of those when you've got a Katzenklavier?" Kyle speculated. "What in the dang hell god is that?" inquired Amber. "It's a special piano that has cats in it that cry in different pitches when you play the keys," Crystal explained. "Yeah we found one in a dumpster the other day," added Kyle. "Pleeeeaasse don't play that!! I don't wanna get mauled again!! When one kitty goes haywire they all go haywire!!!" squealed Little Lizzie. "She's right...," Amber said, "I've seen it happen...a tornado of cats...very gruesome.....better if we just sing about birds and eat this damn soup......Leah will you please bless the soup with a G#.....i'll light the ceremonial egg candle."