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Hazel Cline review on Noise Not Music:

“Whether literal or abstract, the imagery of a farm, or specifically that of a barn/stable/shed,
is often a grand and pastoral one in atmospheric music (and film; see also Larry Gottheim’s
Barn Rushes), a connotation bolstered by the recent surge of “ambient Americana.” But as anyone
who’s been inside a ramshackle wooden structure after the sun has begun to go down knows,
its interior is often not as romantic as its exterior, instead becoming a space of soggy straw and
shadow that seems to whisper your own thoughts back at you. It is here that Hazel Cline sews
the seeds of her humble soundscapes on Spell Song: hands rattle forgotten trinkets and ephemera,
breeze and breath blow across the chipped rims of glass bottles, soft voice curls in the musty air
as both tongues and textures... “ - read the full review on Noise Not Music