Antonio Urdiales 

Antonio Urdiales was an artist known for his electronic music and video work, especially in the Witch House genre
circa 2008-2011. His many musical aliases included PONYBOY, FA69OT, ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖiŞŢ, The Amen Family and
L'Exorciste, as well as the collaborative project N, with Ian Heil. A prolific visual artist, many of his drawings, videos,
textiles and sculptures focused on his interests in antique dollhouses and dolls, countercultural cults, homoeroticism,
occult symbolism and the supernatural. Originally from Chicago, he studied art at The Cooper Union in New York and
The University of Montevallo, in Alabama. Spending much of his time in the small town of Montevallo, he developed
an international reputation through his innovative contributions to witch house music and creative use of social media.
His online presence became a central element of his creative aesthetic and put him in touch with figures such as author 
Dennis Cooper and others. Antonio passed away from complications due to HIV in August 2011.