FM Radio

Two wiley eyed dude ranchers from Alabama embark on a psychedelic journey into the heart of the promised land: California. They immediately get ripped off while sleeping in a restaurant and must buy new shoes at Target. A strange force leads them to piss on the front steps of the church of Scientology in Hollywood. They grow hungry. Luckily a man named "Lemonade" offers them a ride to the purple desert where they find refuge in a large glass box that looks like a practice chamber for a Las Vegas magician. They have a photo session. Eventually they eat chicken adobo in a state of amazement. Horrified by every blue skied new town, they keep on truckin....trippin' balls on wall to wall sunshine and cryin'.

FM Radio is a new project by John Albea (Arabada) and Joel Nelson (Worst Spills, Silica Gel). Crunching out a catchy suite of songs with a minimal array of sounds including mangled guitar loops, electronic treatments and lyrical reverie, the duo's debut shines like true AM gold mixed with Stockhausen.

Their debut album has a loose travel narrative with washes of radio static and fractured transmissions that underscore the feeling of the world passing by the window while you're living in between the channels.