Ghost Food
Night In My Mind
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You're in a great aunt's house, only it was abandoned in the 1950s
and god that floral wallpaper wreaks of age...

Ghost Food is a new project from Paul Cordes Wilm (Nowhere Squares, Acre Pillows) and
Joel Nelson (Silica Gel, flusnoix, solo). This creepy mini album is a feast for the haints
in the woodworks, an offering ripe for the Halloween season. The duo improvises with
custom electronics and acoustic instruments & objects, while Paul weaves in haunting
spoken word fragments and field holler vocalizations....pushing the music into an
avant-Southern Gothic territory.

“...the four tracks combine spectral ambience, obtuse spoken word, and memorable songwriting
to wondrous effect, and each moment is just as enigmatic and beguiling as the next, whether Wilm
is muttering surreal observations about biscuits (“Little Things We Said”) or Nelson is conjuring
unforgettable beauty from his arcane arsenal of instruments (“Ghost’s Come Home”).  -Noise Not Music

Joel explains how it began:

"It was so unintentional. He just came over and started doing weird shit. He had this thing he brought  with
cardboard tubes that he started singing into. And then we had a ghostly experience in the house. Even MayMay
started walking towards the door and we were just playing....and we thought someone came into the house and
walked into the other room or something. That's what all those references are, it's all about that ghost encounter we had.

Paul was singing into the tube, and I was playing the trogotronic, and it sounded like a human voice...the synth
sounded like a human voice...i think it was the frequencies we were hitting,...i think it really triggered a ghostly
experience for was very vocal, very much in that range...and it just had this feeling like there was a human
presence there......and that's what's audible on the first track.

So we were in the music room.......i wasn't even talking to Paul yet, and we were playing...and I looked up, and
MayMay was there and looked toward the door (in the other room) as if you had come home. It was an audible
stimulation that someone was was a fascinating thing that we shared. It was a weird experience to have
with have the exact same feeling. So that's where the name came from...Ghost Food.
Like a ghost that eats sounds."

A Halloween mix curated by Noise Not Music featuring Ghost Food