Hazel Cline : Spell Song

CD / Tape/ DL

Spell Song is the first album by multimedia artist Hazel Cline, collected from years of
recording experiments and ritual practice. Hazel's sound world is a delicately textured
one that feels familiar and elemental. She weaves a sonic text that blends quiet voiced
mantras in an unknown tongue, birdsong, bottles, bells, wind and breath. Merging field
recording, sacred music and experimentation, it's a beautiful work that is hypnotic yet
grounding. A true sonic tincture for current times.

"...the first recordings really came from how inspired I felt listening to industrial music
and the sound poetry of Kurt Schwitters. I thought it would be amazing if someone
combined sound poetry with industrial music. I don't think I even had any kind of
official instrument at the time. I am not sure when I got my zither, but that was the
first instrument that I purchased for myself. It is probably in some of the later songs.
I have always loved birds and was inspired by birdsong for a lot of those early sound
poetry pieces..."