Ghost Food - Spearfinger
7” vinyl

Haunting folktale soundtrack with spoken word by the legendary Ila Faye!

Cherokee legend has it that there is a terrifying, shape-shifting witch with skin as hard as rock and a long stone knife in place of one of the fingers on her right hand. U’tlun'ta (or Nûñ'yunu’ï) is her name and she has an unquenchable taste for human livers, especially those belonging to children. If you ever find yourself lost in the dark woods of the Southeast, you might hear her shrieks and cackles through the thick trees. If you do, run.

“First single I’ve heard from Alabama’s Sweet Wreath collective. They have released a small batch of surreally fried Southern art music that stays true to its rural roots while undermining the hell out of them. This one features a story from local Cherokee legends, narrated by Ila Faye Miller, while Jasper Lee and others create cinematic avant-creep music to accompany the words. Really great.”
-Byron Coley, The Wire, Feb 2023

Selected for The Wire’s Size Matters Column: Best 15 of 2023