Take The Time
CD / Digital 
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Weaving together voices of resistance and hope, this is unique mix
of spoken word, street chants & drumming, field recordings,
hiphop and electric anthems for Now:

Recorded from 2019-2021 in home studios and in the streets, this collection tells a narrative of protest
in Birmingham and of the ongoing movement for racial justice in America. The poets here spit fire in
the face of apathy. This is proof of the power of sound & words, captured in flowing, screaming, pulsating
life...a variegated song of collective struggle against oppression. This album is dedicated to Black Liberation,
and to all warriors who’ve taken to the streets to speak out against injustice.

All proceeds from this album are being donated to Margins for Black Women and Birmingham Mutual Aid.

Carey Fountain

Ashley Jones   -   Mind Mirage