Seasonal Séance spring tapes, Art prints & Zines are available. Git 'em Here!
                    The zine features art by Sarah C.R. & Jasper Lee, album notes on the music and
                    additional contributions from the musicians.                  
                    Seasonal Séance is a rekindling of seasonal awareness & celebration through                     sonic folk craft in the Southeastern United States. Herein are personal and                     collective interpretations of timely folk songs, sonic evocations of ancient rites,                     calls for cultivation and growth, communications with the spirits of the season,                     holiday music for astronomical observances.
                        The first volume is a collection of music made for Spring and released on the                     Vernal Equinox. Featuring Mother Harmony, Flusnoix, Turner Williams Jr., Cleers,                   Jimmy Griffin, Victor Spezzini, Karst Vanities, Magic Tuber Stringband & Jasper Lee.
                    Throw your windows wide and let it pour over the plants and planets around you!
                  The series will continue with volumes being released on each equinox & solstice
                    this year, providing the soundtrack to your own seasonal rites and gatherings.                     Stay tuned!