Vernal Scuzz is an avant-muck creating chaos magic from Alabama, USA.
Chainsaw twang headbangers and tape experiments by Jasper, Mika, James,
and others on fried circuit, skins, bass, tapes, horn & screams. Their current
activity has evolved out of playing in other groups in the Birmingham DIY
scene including Silica Gel, Worst Spills, and with Johnny Coley.

“Songs act as rhythm craft vehicles navigating the murk of media litter.
Diary-like tape fragments convey an approach to recording that melds
unstructured experimentation, bursts of noise, and fragments of living
into "music." The brevity of sounds in quick succession akin to new
wave jump-cuts. Tape is used as the great common denominator. Time
collapses using this device, all sources become immediate and removed
from fidelity variance.”