Seasonal Séance: Summer Solstice

Tape / Digital

This mix includes many incredible artists from across
the country including Angel Bat Dawid, Frank Hurricane,
White Gourd, P.O.T.I.S., Junior Mint Prince, Them Natives, Jamillah Bell,
Silica Gel and more.  Herein are sonic evocations of the season, calls for
cultivation and growth, a musical communion of people and spirits. During
the midst of making this collection, the murder of George Floyd occurred as
well as the ensuing weeks of protests and uprisings of people fighting the
good fight for systemic change. We’d like to dedicate this album to efforts
for social change, racial equity and mutual aid. Proceeds from this album
are being donated to the amazing Black Women's Blueprint group and the
Musical Arts Institute. Listen and get a tape or download here!

Angel Bat Dawid : SoulStice
from Seasonal Séance : Summer Solstice