Sweet Wreath is a collective of visual & sonic artists dedicated to experimentation and pursuing visionary ideas. 

Sweet Wreath documents art-music in central Alabama & fosters a network of artists working in other parts of the country and world as a means of cultural exchange.  Our mission is to amplify original voices & ideas through the publishing of albums, zines and poetic literature.  The label's releases are only half of our work, acting as visible markers of activity which also includes activism, oral history documentation, folkloric research, environmental stewardship, hosting community events, potlucks, collaborating with local non-profits and contributing new ideas to the cultural discourse.

This is
Music as Psycho-Spiritual Practice
Music as Community Engagement
Music as Self Transformation
Music as Ecstasy
Music as Divergent View
Music as Sonic Warfare against Soulsuckers
Music as Church
Music as Map
Music as Sound Diary
Music as Fuel
Music as Vision

If you would like to contribute or volunteer with us, 
feel free to get in touch: sweetwreathspeaks@gmail.com