Silica Gel: May Day LP
Vinyl Sold Out! Digital edition available here.

Let us know if you’re interested in a future pressing:

Coming out of the underground DIY scene of Birmingham, Alabama,
Silica Gel's sound is a unique synthesis of early medieval music with
electronics and improvisation. The core of their debut album adapts
a series of songs from the 14th century satirical text Roman de Fauvel,
which tells the story of a vain donkey who rises to prominence in the
French royal court. Silica Gel transforms this music into a fitting political
allegory for our time through distortion & repetition of language, layering
time upon itself in a conceptual historical loop. The music evokes the
sound of peasants being churned through the wheels of industry...
disembodied voices return to us from the other side of a several hundred 
year technological process.

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New video for Silica Gel’s “Pan Pan Medico”


        The source for this piece is “Kalenda Maia,” a 12th century Occitan troubadour song by Raimbaut de Vaqueiras.  "Kalenda               Maia" roughly translates to "First of May" or "May Day" in English.  Silica Gel channels the full ecstasy of spring by                         wrangling the song into a digital psycho crush banger with warped visuals to match in this video teaser. Enjoy and stay               stoked for More Mangled Medieval singles coming from them soon!