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☘︎  Silica Gel’s Wooden Shoe LP
New Clear Vinyl + digital download :: 11 songs ::
hand assembled photo-print & silkscreened jacket with insert
listen here

Wooden Shoe is a playful concoction that warps folk song elements into kaleidoscopic new forms.
The album spins like a cart wheel, traversing a richly varied sonic terrain, moving both forwards and
backwards in time. The sounds are ancient yet futuristic….wurlitzer organ, mandolin and autoharp
combine with bent circuits and digital artifacts in a song cycle that progresses like a hauntological play.
On this their second album, Silica Gel deepen their exploration of art song by using elements of clapping
games, round songs, hockets, vaudeville and folk balladry to fill out a thoroughly hand crafted songbook.
All along, the enchanting voices of Laura and Lauren weave harmonies around the listener like the
dreamy revolution of a glowing carousel.



☘︎  Matthew Goethe’s A Snowfire Not Born(e) Again
      out NOW!


Ghost Food
Spearfinger 7”

Haunting folktale soundtrack with spoken word by the legendary Ila Faye!

Cherokee legend has it that there is a terrifying,
shape-shifting witch with skin as hard as rock and a
long stone knife in place of one of the fingers on her
right hand.      

U’tlun'ta (or Nûñ'yunu’ï) is her name and she has an
unquenchable taste for human livers, especially those
belonging to children.

If you ever find yourself lost in the dark woods of the
Southeast, you just might hear her shrieks and cackles
through the thick trees. If you do, it may be a good
idea to run.

The children call her Spearfinger.....and she is always hungry.


Matthew Goethe
A Snowfire Not Born(e) Again
75 pg. Paperback Book
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A Snowfire Not Born(e) Again is a kind of myth lingo that maps new forms, like constellations in the sky 

we didn’t know were there before. A mysterious familiarity pervades Matthew Goethe’s first book. It has to do with traces of things,
forgotten histories lingering invisibly in a small Southern town. What happens when you walk the whispering streets and tap on lamp
posts with an old stick? Symbols recur in the alleys, on the oak branches, in the mind, through language. Goethe has assembled a
compelling catalogue of these impressions, a sculpted litany of questions for reality.

These are phonics set out to pasture, free ranging, disowned, untethered from association. You’ve heard this one before?
Listen closer...critters slip up the unused part of your consciousness to gnaw on your house and cry.
Such is this fever. ‘Tis the season.

Hear the song with several other songs within. That is the delight of letting these words ring through your head.
This here is a kaleidoscope ever unfolding new ways to encounter what we thought we knew by heart.

Matthew Goethe is a poet living in Atlanta, GA. A Snowfire Not Born(e) Again is his first collection of poems to be published
in book form. Alternate versions of some of these poems can be found in his sound work as Double Vanities, on the album
How Come Your Sister Doesn’t Know My Name Anymore, also released by Sweet Wreath.