Turner Williams Jr. - Frontier Codec: Tome 1
First Edition Paperback / Order
44 pages

mazed in machinetime / a hayseed is reborn
embowered at last / a last green man returns
to find the oroborealtree of / life after lore

The first volume of an ongoing collage novel, in which Williams riffs
on the human appetite for lore and vernacular data. He applies a
hand-made, systems-based approach to storytelling that scrambles
intricate drawings, cutups and fractured texts into a shuffling, scrolling
yarn as iconographic as it is abstract. The book unfolds along the crease
between folkloric allegory and the load-bearing jargon of our time. This
is storytelling as a manipulation of signal flow. The image and the word, 
compressed, coded, converted.

Silica Gel - Swan Pond
CD / Order

Silica Gel's third album Swan Pond features music written with custom
electronic instruments such as a hand-cranked synthesizer and a hacked
megaphone. Taishogoto, autoharp, spoken word and woven harmonies
add further to the sonic palette, incorporating medieval, folk revival and
electronic influences which make this record a compelling, unpredictable
listen. 

Green Plum Ensemble - The Heavenly Music
Cassette / Order

July 21st:  Release Show + BBQ at People’s Music Supply in Philly!
Green Plum Ensemble is a six-piece+- freestyle drone and lamentation band
from Philadelphia. We make ritual and conversational music composed collectively
in performance. Our members bridge worlds of experience – in singing groups,
temples, communes and noise bands – and trans-continental musical continua
including free jazz, Jewish liturgical music and Georgian polyphony. Our special
focus is on traditions of collective grief and ecstasy. Above all, we are a group of
friends brought together by an interest in music’s oldest powers.

Sweet Wreath presents
Sun Ra’s Magic City : A Cosmo-Mythic Map of Birmingham

This map project visualizes the world of Sun Ra at the very beginning of his earthly
journey in the town of his youth, Birmingham, Alabama. The map’s illustrations
depict sites relevant to his early musical career, and a recently unearthed image
of Sonny as a member of the Rhythm Four vocal quartet. The project was led by
Jasper Lee who sourced images from the Birmingham Public Library Archives, as
well as items in the collection of the Southern Music Research Center, including
show advertisements and early images of Sonny’s public appearances. The project
draws on the research and writing of Burgin Matthews, especially from his book
Magic City: How the Birmingham Jazz Tradition Shaped the Sound of America.
The map features a full text on the reverse side with detailed information about
each location connected to Sun Ra’s Magic City history. Read more...


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