Leisure Knots
Tape / Digital  

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Live at the Structure is the debut release of Leisure Knots, a group spread across
North Carolina and Virginia who have slowly been building a site-specific and
texturally focused language together.

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The album consists of five improvisations recorded during spring 2019, delivered through gatherings
in yellowed millhouses, wooded ranches, and friends’ living rooms. The character of any specific performer
is subdued in favor of a sort of environmental feeling-through which aims to reconstitute and then haunt its scenery.

Incidental, environmental, and intentional sounds were allowed to freely mingle: prepared field recordings
and saxophone swells mix with the diegetic whine of reel-to-reels, creaking of chairs and birdsong from the
front yard. Familiar domestics mutate into melted corridors and foaming gardens, possessed by the recording
process. These tracks vent the soft glow of their homes through an open window and into an unearthly outside.....


"Something we've all been feeling about this music is that it has a function of domestic re-enchantment
for us, like, it defamiliarizes and haunts all the different spots we played in. We've joked about it being a
"gothic record" in the way the music seems to possess and channel these architectural settings."
- Ian Schlup

by Lily Shurbet


Ghost Food: ROT GM
LP / Digital 
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ROT GM finds Ghost Food expanding into something of a cult dedicated to the worship of the Green Man
on their first full length album.These verdant soundscapes are dense as a thicket, with layers of vintage tones
from some grandmaw's church organ moanin' and rattlin' amidst a bevy of electro-acoustic textures.
Voices whisper dream-like tales of nature spirits, and groups chant about circles. Spooky but earthy is
the vibe, as if the dark apparitions of Halloween were resurfacing in a lush gothic Spring.

“Inspiration seems to hide behind every corner. Ghost Food had just finished playing our very first set ever
at the Sweet Wreath Halloween Party. It was a wonderfully chilly night and the smoke from the fire was making
everything eerie and hazy as folks drifted around in various costumes and disguises. Joel’s girlfriend, Marita and
I were talking and John Albea wandered up, asking if either of us knew who the guy across the fire from us was
supposed to be. At first, it was difficult to make out who exactly he was referring to, with the smoke and the haze,
but we eventually figured out who John was pointing out.

He was tall in actual height, but was made even taller by a big hood on his head with tree branches that seemed
to grow out of his head. He had a big beard and a green cloak with a green-painted face to match. “I’m pretty sure
he’s dressed as the Green Man.” I said, to which both Marita and John laughed uproariously. “You’re making that up!”
cried Marita and John agreed with her. “No, really!” I said indignantly, “The Green Man’s a real thing!” and then
shouted out to the guy across the fire “HEY! Who are you supposed to be?! The Green Man?!” to which he happily
replied “Yeah! I’m glad somebody finally guessed it!”

John and Marita laughed, but were still confused at that point, so I proceeded to get out my phone and show them
images and articles of and about the Green Man, an ancient pagan symbol of Nature, the birth-death-rebirth cycle
associated earlier form of Pan who heralds in Spring. Later in November 2021, after Joel and Marita had flown
back to California, he and I spoke on the phone about plans for our next album and a possible Spring theme, since
it would be released around that time. The Green Man Halloween party memory instantly cropped up and we began
writing and composing what would become ROT GM … Return of the Green Man!”          -Paul Cordes Wilm


FM Radio
LP / Digital 
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Two wiley eyed dude ranchers from Alabama embark on a psychedelic
journey into the heart of the promised land: California. They immediately
get ripped off while sleeping in a restaurant and must buy new shoes at Target....

FM Radio is a new project by John Albea (Arabada) and Joel Nelson (Worst Spills, Silica Gel).
Crunching out a catchy suite of songs with a minimal array of sounds including mangled guitar loops,
electronic treatments and lyrical reverie, the duo's debut shines like true FM gold mixed with Stockhausen.
The album has a loose travel narrative with washes of radio static and fractured transmissions that
underscore the feeling of the world passing by the window while you're living in between the channels.

FM Radio discover mysterious glass boxes in the desert of Joshua Tree